Saturday, August 02, 2008

When you can say ahhhhhhhhhh

That's a big sigh of relief. A little background history. I have a small addiction. Ok, maybe not that small of an addiction. It's to this little thing known as caffeine. Coffee to be more exact, cokes and mountain dew's don't exactly do it for me but give me a caramel latte and I'm in heaven. Or caramel macchiato's from Starbucks would be just lovely, but unfortunately they have too many calories so I've settled on skinny cinnamon dolce lattes instead. But yes, I must have coffee. Daily. Or I become a mean horrible person. I'll be the first to admit I have a problem, but honestly I don't care. At least I'm not giving myself cancer with cigarettes or hepatitis with alcohol right?

Anyways, Loi has more or less begrudgingly accepted my dependency on coffee. He use to give little snipey remarks whenever I asked to stop somewhere so I could grab a cup, but he quickly learned you don't start an argument with a caffeine deprived lunatic before she's had her morning cup unless you want to deal with irrational and utmost hatred and raving. But that doesn't always stop him from getting in a little jab every now and then.

Take today for example. Today my emotions are a little more labile since I'm basically PMSing. We're on the road driving to the in-laws (gotta love technology nowadays where you can post to your blog from your car!) And of course, we had to grab a cup of joe before hitting the road. And of course its a 3 hour drive, so I need a large cup to nurse along the way. We're about one hour away from our final destination, and my bladder is firing away warning signs to my brain that unless we stop soon it may implode on itself. But honestly, I needed to go pee when we were only on the road for 30 minutes. But of course I can't ask my darling hubby to stop at a rest area, because then I would hear something to the tune of "WHY did you drink so much coffee blah blah blah wah wah wah." So I sucked it up and held it stubbornly. But man when I finally hit that wall, I didn't give him an option "You gotta find somewhere to stop NOW." "But we're only an hour away!" "I don't care I gotta PEE!!"

So now I feel much better. Ahhhhhhhh......

Saturday, July 12, 2008

When babies won't sleep...

I've spent the last couple of hours entertaining my son because for some reason he doesn't feel like going to sleep at his bedtime tonight. I even tried to just let him cry it out for a little bit, but after about 10 minutes who goes in to rescue him, his daddy of course. And yet I'm the one being accused all the time of being a softy that can't let him cry, ha!

I am almost officially done with residency now. In three short weeks I will be officially graduated, and expect to be unleashed out into the real world to finally put all my training and knowledge to real use! And earn a real paycheck to boot! YAY!

Loi and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary recently. Well, sort of. Saturday June 21st we went out car shopping, and I drove home my pretty 2008 Acura MDX as my new mommy-mobile. I pretty much assumed it was Loi's anniversary/graduation gift to me since he conceded to getting the car much more easily then I had thought he would. So Sunday morning June 22nd I presented my darling husband with his gift and was met with the blankest most confused expression ever. "What's this for?" he asked, and then his look of befuzzlement was quickly replaced by one of horror as he realized what day it was. Yes, he FORGOT our anniversary. After mumbling some lame excuse about he has been so busy with pursuing his career changes and how he was so sorry he forgot, let's just say he better be damn glad there was a shiny new car sitting in the driveway or it could very well have been the last anniversary he would ever need to worry about remembering.

Speaking of new cars, she is currently sitting in the body shop. Yes, some moron who was apparently incapable of driving between the lines swerved into my lane and clipped the side of my car. Luckily the driver behind me who saw the whole thing was kind enough to be a witness for me, because then the idiot tried to file a claim with my insurance and said that I had been the one to drift into his lane. There's something to be said about karma, and I hope the lying scum bag gets his due. I guess I should just be consoled by the fact that he was found at fault, and soon my car will be fixed as good as new and I'll get her back soon enough. Still, poo-poo on the dummy who hit me.

Other news, I decided to join Weight Watchers online because I am absolutely determined to lose my pregnancy weight, and hopefully get back down to pre-residency size! The last 3 years have not been waist line friendly to say the least. It's been 2 weeks, I've lost 4 pounds so far. 19 more to go, wish me luck!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Posted from

Yes it has been over a year since I last posted anything to my blog lol. What can I say, I've been really busy and there have been a heck of a lot of life changes going on. First of all, I've now progressed from internship when I first started this blog to almost 3 years later at the end of my residency training. In 2 short months I will be finished with residency and I can hardly believe it. Much less realize the fact that I am the mother of an almost 8 month old boy. All I can say is being a mother has been the greatest blessing that God has ever bestowed upon me. I did not think it was possible to love someone as much as I adore my son. Even after all the sleepless nights and hundreds of diapers lol...

It is amazing how such a tiny little person can literally take over your life. If you want proof just take a look at our living room... there's a swing in one corner, a walker in another corner, his highchair by the side, and toys just scattered throughout... I can't wait to move into a bigger house!

Career wise both Loi and I will be making some big leaps. Once I graduate from residency I will be staying on at St. Anthonys working as a family practitioner at the Family Medicine Center and spend a little time working as an attending. Loi is in the process of a major career change which will most likely move us to the east coast (Washington DC area to be exact if all things go according to plans.) Will keep you updated as that continues to unfold.

And now a little image of my sweet baby boy to say adieu!