Saturday, August 02, 2008

When you can say ahhhhhhhhhh

That's a big sigh of relief. A little background history. I have a small addiction. Ok, maybe not that small of an addiction. It's to this little thing known as caffeine. Coffee to be more exact, cokes and mountain dew's don't exactly do it for me but give me a caramel latte and I'm in heaven. Or caramel macchiato's from Starbucks would be just lovely, but unfortunately they have too many calories so I've settled on skinny cinnamon dolce lattes instead. But yes, I must have coffee. Daily. Or I become a mean horrible person. I'll be the first to admit I have a problem, but honestly I don't care. At least I'm not giving myself cancer with cigarettes or hepatitis with alcohol right?

Anyways, Loi has more or less begrudgingly accepted my dependency on coffee. He use to give little snipey remarks whenever I asked to stop somewhere so I could grab a cup, but he quickly learned you don't start an argument with a caffeine deprived lunatic before she's had her morning cup unless you want to deal with irrational and utmost hatred and raving. But that doesn't always stop him from getting in a little jab every now and then.

Take today for example. Today my emotions are a little more labile since I'm basically PMSing. We're on the road driving to the in-laws (gotta love technology nowadays where you can post to your blog from your car!) And of course, we had to grab a cup of joe before hitting the road. And of course its a 3 hour drive, so I need a large cup to nurse along the way. We're about one hour away from our final destination, and my bladder is firing away warning signs to my brain that unless we stop soon it may implode on itself. But honestly, I needed to go pee when we were only on the road for 30 minutes. But of course I can't ask my darling hubby to stop at a rest area, because then I would hear something to the tune of "WHY did you drink so much coffee blah blah blah wah wah wah." So I sucked it up and held it stubbornly. But man when I finally hit that wall, I didn't give him an option "You gotta find somewhere to stop NOW." "But we're only an hour away!" "I don't care I gotta PEE!!"

So now I feel much better. Ahhhhhhhh......

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