Thursday, April 23, 2009

Construction zone ahead!

So we've lived in our new home for approximately 5 days now. I'm excited to tell you that today I found our silverware and the can opener! Now we can really settle in! As promised I am about to show you the "after" pictures. Having a moving company move you is really the most awesome thing ever. However, they don't skimp on the boxes, and a "perk" if you want to call it that is that they will also haul away the packing material. Which means unpacking EVERYTHING. Even if you have absolutely no clue where you want to put it yet. The other downside is that our belongings had to be split up into 2 separate shipments because the first truck ran out of room. (Don't ask...) So while we have a headboard and foot board, we're missing bed rails! I might have the coffee table top, but alas where is the base? Anyways I digress... now on to the good stuff!

A whirlwind of activity in the master bedroom. The problem is, everytime I think I'm done finding room for that last one t-shirt, another bag full of clothes surfaces instead! And don't get me started on how many freaking shoes I have grrrr...

The dining room was pretty simple.

For now I'm thinking this will be Lucas' room. And I thought *I* had too much stuff. Word of advice to future parents. Don't buy it if you think you'll need it, just wait to see if you do. We could have saved a lot of money just buying Lucas empty boxes to play with since that was all he was interested in.

Guest bedroom number 1.... (I don't plan on anybody staying over quite yet lol...)

Guest bedroom number 2....


Basement again. Check out those bookcases I put together! (Loi helped with part of 1, but the rest were all me baby!)

Another picture of the basement. My mother graciously gave us her leather couches since she knew we were going to be short furniture. However, after spending years in her home... they've acquired a certain "odor". Canh chua to be exact if you're of the Vietnamese persuasion. They've been getting a daily Febreeze bath, don't know how well that works on leather though lol.

The formal sitting area up front.

The mess that is our kitchen currently...
The living room. Sadly that TV shown is the only working one we have at the moment as our big screen piece of crap Mitsubishi has died on us. Loi insisted on moving it regardless thinking he could bring it back to life. Instead we have one hell of a paperweight downstairs in the basement... But don't worry. That box in the picture is our new TV stand for the Sony Bravia that should be delivered within the next week. ;)

Slowly but surely we should be able to get our home pieced back together. Let's just call this my mini version of an extreme makeover?

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