Sunday, April 26, 2009

If Handy Manny can do it so can I!

So I've been trying to be frugal and save a little money by browsing Craigslist much to Loi's amusement. He makes fun of me for splurging on some items and then going cheap on others. I apparently can never buy him store brand ketchup, he must have Heinz ketchup onry. Anyways, I was actually trying to find a dresser for my parents when I came across a listing for a small writing desk with matching vanity and had to have it immediately. My bedroom set only came with one nightstand, and I never could find a matching nightstand to place on the other side of the bed. So for 4 years I tried out various workarounds and was never quite happy with the end result. This table however would be perfect, and was a steal at $40 for both pieces.

Here's Monster checking out my new find.

Unfortunately the vanity cover was woefully stained.

Well I had watched enough HGTV to know how to fix this dilemma! A screwdriver revealed this mess on the other side.

Apparently whoever was paid to put this thing together got a bonus based on how many staples they could put into the backside. Ok, no problem, I can get them out. However it didn't take too long of digging staples out of the backboard before my carpal tunnel started kicking in.
The next best invention? The ever handy box cutter!
Muahaha that made short work of that pesky nasty seat covering!
Next a quick stop at Joann's netted me a new toy and my new clean seat covering.

Staple guns are awesome! I don't know how I went so long without one. It took me all of maybe 10 minutes to staples on the new cloth, and get the seat reattached. I then took a touch up marker to the table and chair legs and table and seat were practically brand new! And it goes perfect with my bedroom set. :)

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